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About Sea and Cake Jewelry

Stephanie Hughes - Owner and creator of Sea & Cake Jewelry
Sea and Cake Jewelry is based in Bellingham, WA - a beautiful little town in the north west of the USA. I began making jewelry in 2008 when I struggled to find the kind of jewelry that fit my aesthetic locally. I walked into a gemstone shop one day and left having created my first piece... A long gold necklace with a striking stone in the perfect shade of seafoam. People soon started complimenting it and asking where they could get one. Almost 10 years later, my jewelry is true to the style of that first piece - minimalist, beautiful and inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean, where I am from. I grew up traveling the world, visiting 35 countries by age 20. Traveling with only a backpack taught me to be a true minimalist - to keep only things that are useful, unique or sentimental. On top of that, it taught me to really appreciate the simple and best things in life - family (my most fulfilling and important job by far is motherhood!), quiet moments with an amazing cup of coffee, listening to waves on the beach, connecting with people from different cultures and finding peacefulness. I am extremely grateful for everything I have and feel very blessed that I am able to do this from home, whilst watching my three little ones grow. I believe that my jewelry reflects my values and I hope that my customers feel that they have found unique, sentimental pieces that they can treasure for years to come!


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