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Jewelry Care

You will prolong the life of your jewelry by taking proper care of it. Here are my tips to keep your jewelry looking amazing over time - 
    • Water, sweat, oils from our skin, and other chemicals in everyday products (for hair, makeup, etc.) can cause your jewelry to become dirty. To restore shine, rub with a soft cloth or sunshine polishing cloth, available here
    • For a deeper clean, immerse jewelry in warm water and a little dish soap (ammonia/phosphate-free). Dry with a soft cloth to shine it up!
    • When not wearing your jewelry, store it in an airtight bag (like a Ziploc). 
    • Stay away from marketed jewelry cleaners as they can be abrasive.
    • Avoid contact with chlorine, sulfur, hairspray, perfume and bleach.
    • Remove jewelry before the gym, swimming pool, ocean or natural hot springs.